Amazon FBA
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Amazon FBA

Amazon FBAFulfillment by Amazon is a program where you ship all (or some) of your inventory to Amazon’s warehouse and they store and fulfill orders on your behalf.

Advantages of the Amazon FBA Program

The reason these books are able to sell at higher prices is simply because of the advantages for the buyer. Here are some of the benefits of the Amazon FBA program:

  • Amazon FBA items are eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping.
  • Amazon FBA items are eligible for Amazon Prime.
  • Amazon FBA items can be shipped via one day shipping.

Buyers know that FBA items will be shipped on time without having to know or trust the seller of record.

Amazon FBA

Since Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA) is growing very rapidly with Amazon doing heavy promotion, there will be a lot more FBA sellers out there. Here is a diagram that shows how Amazon FBA works:

Amazon FBA How It Works

Buyers Know That Amazon FBA Items Will Be Shipped On Time

Amazon users almost always prefer to buy any item directly from Amazon because they know that it will be delivered fast with no hassle.  Well, that’s exactly what the FBA program does. Buyers can now buy used books or any item and get Amazon’s exceptional customer service.


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